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10-16-2000  Delavan Lake, night fishing, air temp 65, no wind, water temp est. 57 degrees.  1 very small walleye, fished only 1/2 hour.  Fish weren't biting well because of the lack of wind.

10-15-2000  Lake Geneva, morning, air temp 60 degrees, winds SW at 5 mph, water temp 59 degrees.  Caught 1 three pound large mouth, 1 small mouth and many pan fish.  Fishing was slow.   Worked water 12-14 feet deep with night crawlers.  Should have been fishing for Northerns.  The legal fish were biting in 24-26 feet of water.  Large Chubs and suckers were the best bait.

10-14-2000 Delavan Lake, night fishing, air 72 degrees, winds calm, water 57 degrees.  2 small walleyes on crank baits.  Fished the Yacht Club from 6:30 - 7:00 pm

10-13-2000 Delavan Lake, night fishing, 60 degrees, NW wind 15-20 mph, water temp 57 degrees.  10 walleyes, all on crank baits in 12-15 feet of water.  Fish are suspending.  Fished 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm.  The best locations were the Yacht Club and Willow Point.

10-11-2000 Delavan Lake, night fishing, air temp 65 degrees, North wind at 5 mph, water temp 57 degrees.  15 walleyes all on crank baits in 12-15 feet of water.  Fished from 7-8 pm.  Best locations were the Yacht Club and Willow Point.

10-10-2000 Delavan Lake, Night fishing,  air temp 70 degrees, no wind, water temp 57.  13 walleyes, all on crank baits in 12-15 feet of water.  Fish are suspending.  Fished 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm.  The best locations were the Yacht Club and Willow Point.

10-4-2000  Delavan Lake,   night fishing, temperature 65 degrees, winds SE 10-15 mph, water temp 62.  9 walleyes, 2 legal.  Worked lindy-rigs and jigs (orange/yellow) along dying weed lines.  Near dark, I worked jerk baits, Rapalas, and rogues.  Blue/silver or Black/silver are best.  The best spots are the gray condos, Oriental boathouse and Browns Channel.

10-2-2000  Delavan Lake   night fishing,  air temp 70 degrees, winds N 10 mph.  Water temp 63 degrees.  4 undersized walleyes, 1 small mouth.  Fished only one hour.  Blue/silver jerk baits in 10 feet of water near the Township Park.  Very slow retrieve and pause yielded the best results.

9-29-2000  Lake Geneva, morning 65 degrees, SW winds 15-20 mph, water temp 64.  Caught 1 18” small mouth, lost 2 others, 3 large mouth.  Fished 10-12 feet of water.  Night crawlers were the best and only bait used on the split-shot rig.  The best locations were near Rainbow Point, Fontana Beach and Abbey Springs.  The wind was a huge factor; very few spots were fishable.  Perch are schooled up now, so a lot of panfish were caught.

9-28-2000  Delavan Lake – night fishing, air temp 70 and water temp 64 degrees.  Winds West at 5 mph.  4 walleyes all under sized, 2 large mouth bass.  Worked minnows on lindy-rigs and jigs.  Minnows are night crawlers worked the best.  Best depth 12-15 feet of water.  Jerk baits worked in the evening in 8 feet of water.  Browns Channel, Oriental Boathouse and the Yacht Club point all good locations. 

9-27-2000  Lake Geneva,   afternoon fishing, 70 degrees dropping to 60 degrees.  SE winds 10-15 mph.   Water temp 65 degrees.  Spend the afternoon pre-fishing for a tournament.  Fished main lake points in 12-15 feet of water.  Green pumpkin lizard and 6” centipedes we the bait of choice.  2 largemouth caught, 1 16 inch and 1 13 inch.  Fishing was very slow. 

 9-25-2000  Delavan Lake,   night fishing.  70 degrees, winds calm, water temp approx. 65 degrees.  5 Walleyes, 2 large mouth bass.  Blue/silver jerk baits had best success.  Fished near the Village Supper Club in 8-12 feet of water.  Very slow retrieve and pause worked the best.

9-17-00  -  Lake Delavan, afternoon – sunny 75 degrees, Light winds out of the West.  1 northern, 3 walleyes (1 legal), 3 small mouth and 5 largemouth.  We were exclusively fishing for Walleye.  Very few fish were caught.  We worked 15-20 feet of water, but fish may have been slightly deeper.  Night crawlers and minnows worked the best.  We used lindy-rigs and jigs.  We fished the Yacht Club point, Willow point and the Oriental boat house.

9-17-00 – Lake Geneva, morning – sunny 75 degrees, water temp 70 degrees.  South wind at 10-15 mph.  4 small mouth, 5 large mouth (no legals)  Fished Coleman’s Point, Linn Pier and Williams Bay.  Fished 10-15 feet of water.  Fishing was really slow.  Very few panfish.   It was really too windy for great boat control.

9-16-00 – Lake Delavan, afternoon – sunny 70 degrees, water temp 71 degrees.  SW wind 10 mph.   2 Walleyes, 2 largemouth, 1 small mouth. We were only fishing for walleyes and it was pretty slow.  Fished mostly in 15-20 feet of water.  We worked night crawlers, leeches and minnows, but didn’t find a pattern.

9-16-00 – Lake Geneva, morning – sunny 70 degrees, water temp 70 degrees.  SW wind 10-15 mph.   13 Largemouth (5 legal), 6 small mouth (1 legal).  Fished Colemans Point to Knollwood and Military Academy.  Nightcrawler and split-shot rig worked best.  Depth was 10-12 feet.  We went through 12 dozen night crawlers, and the clients won their company fishing contest!

9-14-00 – Lake Geneva, afternoon – sunny, 70 degrees, water temp 71 degrees.  NW wind 15-20 mph.  3 small mouth (1 legal),  8 largemouth (2 legal) and many big panfish.  Most fish were caught on a nightcrawler and split-shot rig.  Primarily fished Colemans Point to Knollwood.  These were really the only places to fish with the strong wind.  We worked a depth of 10-12 feet.

9-9-2000  Lake Geneva, morning – cloudy, foggy, humid,  75 degrees winds SW 10-15 mph.  Water temp 75 degrees.  4 largemouth.   Carolina rigged,  fished lizards and Arkie crawlin’ grubs – root beer red flake.   Fishing was slow.  Caught fish at Trinkies Bay and Geneva Bay north shore.  Wind was a hinderence for sensitivity.  Fished deep weed line 18-25 feet of water.  Fish seemed to come from about 15-18 feet down.  Fishing was slow overall.

9-5-2000  Delavan Lake – night fishing.  70 degrees with calm winds, water temp 75 degrees.  Fished crankbaits, husky jerks, and suspending Wally Divers.  Fishing in 15-20 feet of water about 5-9 feet down.  Caught only 1 small bass.  No walleyes were caught.

9-2-2000    Lake Geneva  - Morning trip

Cloudy, humid 85 degrees, SE wind 20 mph.  Water temp 77 degrees.  Northern fishing – caught 8, the largest about 30 inches.  Lost about 6-8 other fish.  East side of Williams Bay was the best.  46-47 feet of water.  Used chubs on lindy rigs.

 9-2-2000 Lake Delavan – afternoon trip

Sunny, 90 degrees and humid,  SE wind 5-10 mph.   Water temp 76 degrees.  4 small mouth, 4 large mouth, 1 northern and a few panfish.  Best spot was on the north shore on the outside of the weed line.  No fish on slip-bobber.  Split-shot rig worked the best.  Walleye fishing at night was very slow, caught only 1 and lost 2 others.  Overall fishing was slow.

8-31-2000  Lake Geneva, sunny and humid, 90 degrees, SW wind 5 mph to calm.  4 Small mouth (1 legal)  6 Large mouth (2 legal) lots of panfish.  Worked 8-12 feet of water.  The best spots were Coleman’s Point and Black Point.  Fished mostly with a split-shot with night crawlers.  Went through 10 dozen night crawlers.

8-30-2000 Lake Delavan,  cloudy, hazy 75 degrees, SE wind 5 mph.  Water temp 76 degrees.  Fished the afternoon.  1 Northern, 2 large mouth, 2 small mouth, 1 walleye and a few panfish.  Broke a good fish off at dark.  Slip-bobbers with leeches in 15-18 feet of water were the method used.  Fished by the Island, Brown’s Channel and Willow Point.   The fish were really off.

8-27-2000    Lake Delavan – Cloudy 65 degrees wind SE, 15 mph.  2 large mouth, 1 small mouth.  No walleyes or northerns.   The bass were caught on the docks.  The northern weren’t biting on the deep weed line, worked 15-20 feet of water.

8-27-2000   Lake Geneva, sunny 70 degrees, wind SE 15 mph.  4 small mouth, 2 large mouth (1 legal)  Worked Knollwood, the pier 666 and Black Point.  Fished 7-9 feet of water.  Caught many panfish

 8-25-2000 Lake Geneva,  Evening 75 degrees wind SE at 5-10 mph.  8 small mouth (2 legal), 8 large mouth (2 legal) and lots of panfish.  Fished 8-10 feet of water.  Knollwood was not very good tonight, most fish were caught off of the west side of Black Point.   Cleaned about 35 fish and went through 11 dozen night crawlers.

8-21-2000    Lake Geneve,  sunny 75 degrees, winds south at 15 mph.  4 Small mouths (2 legal), 5 large mouths (3 legal) and many panfish.  The best spot was Black Point in 8-15 feet of water.  Legal large mouth were caught at Knollwood.  The fish were caught on split-shot rig with night crawlers.  Went through 10 dozen night crawlers.

8-20-2000  Lake Geneva, sunny 70 degrees, winds calm to 5 mph SW.  9 small mouth (2 legals), 3 large mouth (1 legal).  Lots of bluegills, perch and rock bass.  Fished Black Point 8-10 feet of water.  Went through 12 dozen night crawlers

8-19-2000  Lake Geneva, sunny 70 degrees, calm to 5 mph out of the NE.  8 small mouth (2 legal), 12 large mouth (3 legals).  Lots of blue gills, perch and rock bass.  One perch was large enough to have mounted,  fish was over 1 pound.  Fished Maytag Point and Black Point.  Black Point was by far the best.  Night crawlers in 8-12 feet of water was the best.  Went through 10 dozen night crawlers.

8-18-2000 Lake Geneva, partly cloudy 75 degrees, winds 10-15 mph out of the north.  8 small mouth (3 legals), 8 large mouth (3 legals - 2 over 3 pounds)  Fished 8-10 feet of water near Black Point and Knollwood.  Night crawlers on a split shot rig worked the best.  Went through 9 dozen night crawlers.

8-16-2000 Lake Geneva, sunny 75 degrees, wind 15 E.  Northern Pike fishing.  Caught 8 northerns 26-29 inches.  Broke 5 fish off.  Fished 35-45 feet of water.  Primarily fished Fontana and the West and East side of Williams Bay.  The east side of the bay was the best.  At Coleman's Point the bass were biting.  1 legal, but only fished 1/2 hour.

8-15-2000 Lake Delavan, sunny 90 degrees and humid, wind 10 mph out of the NW.  Cold front moved in while fishing.  Caught 5 northerns, 1 small mouth, 3 walleyes and a couple of pan fish.  Northerns were caught off the weed line near the Yacht Club in 24-28 feet of water.  Walleyes were caught in approx. 24 feet of water near Browns Channel.  A few bonus pan fish were mixed in with the walleyes.

8-14-2000 Lake Delavan, sunny 90 degrees and humid, SW wind 12 mph.  Caught 5 small mouth, 6 large mouth and 2 walleyes,  (One of the walleyes was 20 inches) and several pan fish.  Fished northerns lindy rigging with medium suckers with no success.  Switched to bass on the weed line in 12-13 feet of water with some fast action.  North shore break near the Yacht club seemed to be the best.   The 2 walleyes were caught in 28 feet of water near the Village Supper Club on leeches.

8-2-2000 Lake Geneva, sunny, 78 degrees & humid, water temp 76, wind SW at 5-10 mph.  Caught 15 northerns, 6 small mouth and 1 large mouth.   Northerns were caught lindy rigging with chubs in 32-28 feet of water near the Fontana boat launch.  Caught 4 fish that were 31 inches.  The small mouth and large mouth bass were caught on the south shore in 12-14 feet of water the last 20 minutes of the guide party on night crawlers.

7-29-2000 Lake Delavan, Partly cloudy, wind NE 15 mph, air temp 75 and humid, water temp 76 degrees.  6 walleys, no legals and 2 largemouth.   Walleyes were caught in 15-18 feet of water on a lindy rig or a slip bobber rig.   Night crawlers or leeches were equally effective.

7-28-2000 Lake Geneva, sunny 75 degrees, water temp 75, winds calm.  Fished Lake Trout and none were caught.  Depth of water was 100-120 feet.   I marked a lot of fish, but there were no takers.  Carolina rigged for about an hour and caught a small mouth on a green pumpkin lizard.

7-27-2000 Lake Delavan, Sunny, winds calm with air tem 76 and water temp 75 degrees.  6 northerns, 4 largemouth, no walleyes.  Northerns were caught in 18-20 feet of water near Browns Channel on medium suckers on a lindy rig with 24 inch leader.  Largemouth were on the north shore docks.  Night crawlers on the split shot rig in 8 feet of water was the bait I used.

7-24-2000 Lake Geneva, sunny 75 degrees, calm to SE winds at 8 mph.  Water temp 77 degrees.  5 largemouth (4 legal), 1 smallmouth.  Fished Geneva Bay, Trinkies, Black Point and Knollwood.  Fished 12-18 feet of water.   Fishing was pretty slow.  I used a night crawler and split shot rig.  The smallmouth was caught on a chug-bug in 10 feet of water by Knollwood.  I had 3 other fish on.

7-22-2000  Lake Geneva, Morning 73 degres, sunny, no wind.   Water temp 74 degrees.  5 Northerns, 4 legal largemouth, 4 short largemouth. The best largemouth came out of 15-18 feet of water in Geneva bay on a night crawler split shot rig. I caught a nice 15 inch fish on a black/silver chug bug by Knollwood in 8 feet of water, before my guide trip started.  Northerns came out of 35 feet of water on a blue chub fished on a lindy rig, back trolling slowly.  The Bible camp and Maytag point yielded the best results.

7-21-2000  Lake Delavan, Evening 73 degrees & sunny, NW wind 5 mph, water temp 75 degrees.  9 Northern Pike, 3 walleyes, 10 crappies.   Northerns were caught on medium suckers on a lindy rig in 20-24 feet of water, just off the weed line.  At sunset the 3 walleyes were caught on night crawlers on small lindy rigs in 24 feet of water.  Crappies bit on tube jigs and were suspended in 20 feet of water 12-14 feet down.  Best luck off of North shore.

7-17-2000 Lake Delavan, Evening 70 degrees & sunny, NW wind at 5 mph, water temp 75 degrees.  Caught 4 walleye (no legals), 1 northern.   Fishing was slow - the day before a cold front was predicted.  1 walleye was caught on a yellow mister twister in 14 fee of water over weeds.  The others were caught on night crawlers, on lindy rigs.  Many fish were marked, but weren't biting.

7-16-2000  Lake Geneva,  Sunny 85 degrees humid, winds light, water temp 75 degrees.  12 Large mouth bass caught with a Carolina rig and lizards.  Fish were in 18 feet of water.  Coleman's Point and Fontana Beach were the best spots.  The presentation needed to be very slow.

7-11-2000 Lake Delavan, sunny, wind SE 10-15 mph.  Water temp 76 degrees.  4 walleyes, 1 northern, 8 crappies, 10 big bluegills.  This was a guide party for pan fish. We caught them shallow in 8-10 feet of water around docks,   then moved to 18 feet of water and caught them there too.  Leaf worms were the best bait for the bluegills.  Tube jigs were working well for the crappies.  The walleyes and northern were caught on leeches.

7-10-2000 Lake Delavan, sunny 78 degrees, wind 15-20 mph SE, water temp 76 degrees.  3 Northerns, 6 walleyes, 1 four pound Largemouth, 4 small mouth.   Northerns were caught on lindy rigs with suckers in 17-20 feet of water off the weed lines.  Walleyes were caught at dusk in 22 feet of water.  Nightcrawlers were working the best.  Bass were caught fishing the docks on the North shore.

7-9-2000 Lake Delavan, Cloudy, air temp 80 degrees, water 75 with West wind at 15 mph.  10 large mouth, 6 small mouth, 2 crappies, 2 northerns and 4 northerns broke off.  Largemouths were caught on the docks on the north shore.   Walleyes and Northerns were caught on the deep weed line on Lindy rigs with nightcrawlers and suckers, respectively.

7-7-2000 Lake Delavan, evening - sunny 80 degrees, water temp 75, SE wind.  Caught 32 crappies in 1 1/2 hours.  Crappies were in 11 feet of water by Willow Point.  The bait was red/white tube jig fishing for suspended fish.  6 walleyes were caught at dark, no legals.  The fish hit in 20-26 feet of water on lindy rigs with nightcrawlers.

7-5-2000 Lake Delavan, Sunny, light winds, water temp 75 and air temp 85 and humid.  Caught:  6 walleye, 15, largemouth, 6 small mouth, 15 bluegills and 4 northerns.  Bass were caught on the north shore docks.   Bluegills were on the shallow docks in 8 ft. of water using nightcrawlers and slip bobbers.  The walleyes weren't biting well.  The few that were caught were on deep weeds in 17 ft. of water.

7-4-2000 Lake Geneva,  sunny, water temp 73 and air temp 75 degrees,  calm.  Caught 20 largemouth bass, 9 were legal.  Caught many, many punkin' seeds, rock bass and perch.  Fished Trinkies in approx 13 feet of water.   Night crawlers were the best bait.  Also fished from the Bible Camp to Pier 5 in 15 feet of water.  The fish there seemed to be larger.  Caught approximately a 3 1/2 pound large mouth in this location.

7-3-2000 Lake Geneva,  Cloudy and foggy, air temp 60-65, water temp 72 degrees, NE wind at 10 mph.  Caught 20 largemouth, 10 legal, 1 five pound walleye.  Fished Trinkies from 12-14 feet of water.  Some fish were caught deeper, however the best depth was 13 feet.  Tried to fish Geneva Bay, caught 3 fish 8-9 feet of water, 2 broke off.  Fishing was slow so we went back to Trinkies.   Walleye was caught on Trinkies flat in 10 feet of water on a night crawler.

7-2-2000 Lake Geneva, Sunny, air temp 70 with NE wind 12 mph, water temp 72 degrees.  Caught 30 largemouth, 10 legal.  Caught many, many big punkin' seeds and blue gills.  Fished Trinkies for a while, however fishing was slow.   We fished between 10 and 16 feet of water.  Most of the legal fish were caught in 8-9 feet of water in Geneva Bay, from pier 1-25.  The larger fish were slightly deeper.

7-1-2000 Lake Geneva,  partly cloudy, air temp 65 degrees, water temp 72 wind SW at 10 mph.  Caught 20 largemouth bass (8 legal), 1 small mouth bass.  Fished mostly Trinkies from 13-16 feet of water,  12-13 feet seemed to be the best.  The small mouth was caught by Coleman's point in 10 feet of water.   All fish were caught on a night crawler split shot rig.  Spent about 15 minutes jigging for Lake Trout, east of Black point in 90 feet of water.  Caught only one Cisco.

6-29-2000 Lake Geneva, partly cloudy, air temp 75, water temp 72 degrees.  Caught 25 largemouth, 10 legal.  1 walleye 20 inches and several pan fish.  We worked a split shot rig with night crawlers in 13-14 feet of water.   We fished the Trinkies flat.

6-26-2000  Lake Delavan - afternoon, sunny SW wind at 10 mph, air temp 75, water temp 75 degrees.  Caught 5 walleyes on lindy rigs in 15-17 feet of water.  Fishing was rather slow today.  Caught 2 large mouth bass on split shot rigs in the weeds.  Caught one 33 inch Northern, approx. 12 pounds on a slip bobber with a leech in 17 feet of water.  Fished by Browns Channel, the Yacht club, Willow point and the island.

6-25-2000    Lake Geneva- foggy turning sunny, light NW wind at 5 mph to calm.  Caught 30 largemouth (12 legal) and 1 legal small mouth.  Very few panfish.  No fish at the Elgin Club.  Fished 22 feet of water with night crawlers.  The small mouth was caught at Coleman's Point in 13 feet of water..  The rest of the fish were caught at Trinkies in 14 feet of water on night crawlers and split shot rig.  Best guide party of the year.

6-24-2000    Lindy - the yellow lab, joined the Duwe family. 

6-23-2000  Delavan Lake, Sunny 75 degrees, no wind.   Water temp 73 degrees.  Caught 18 largemouth and small mouth bass casting around docks.  Used a single hook and split shot.  Fish were located outside the docks, cruising.  Water depth was 5-8 feet of water.  Fished the North shore from the Yacht club to the Marina.  Fished the weed lines with leeches for walleyes.   Caught five  - all undersized.  Lindy rigs with 1/8 oz weight and single hook was the method used.

6-19-2000 Delavan Lake,  afternoon,  75 degrees, sunny, SW wind 10 mph.  Water temp 71 degrees.  Caught 4 walleyes, one legal,  and one medium sized northern.  All were caught on leeches and lindy rig, casting from the deep water to the weed line.  The fish hit in approximately 12 feet of water.   Only fished 1 1/2 hours.  Fished mostly the south shore.

6-17-2000 Lake Geneva,  75 degrees, sunny, no wind.   Water temp 69 degrees.  15 small mouth, 8 large mouth, lots of rock bass and blue gills.  Fished single hook and small split shot with night crawlers.   Fished only Elgin Club, 20-21 feet of water was the best.  Due to no wind, electric motor trolled 100% of the time.

6-15-2000  Delavan Lake,  air temp 70 degrees, partly cloudy, SW wind at 10-15 mph, moving to calm.  Water temp 68 degrees.  23 walleyes, two legals - one almost 4 pounds,  one jumbo perch.  Fished 20-23 feet of water on the outside edge of weed line associated close to a weed flat.  Fished leeches and night crawlers.  Leeches were the best.  Drift fishing far out produced electric trolling.   The bite seemed to slow as night approached.   Fished 24 inch snell with 1/4 oz. walking sinker and small hook.

6-14-2000 Delavan Lake, afternoon, air temp 75 and humid, SW wind 15 mph.  Water temp 68 degrees.  Caught 16 walleyes, one legal.  One jumbo perch and one small mouth bass.  Had 10-12 additional bites.  Fished leeches and night crawlers on lindy rigs.  Night crawlers were by far better.  Fished the outside of the weed line in 15-18 ft of water.  Lindy rigs had a 24 inch snell and small hook with 1/8 oz. walking sinker.  Moon phase was almost full.

6-11-2000 Delavan Lake, cloudy,85 degrees and humid, water temp 69 degrees.  5 walleyes, 1 small mouth, 3 large mouth and 4 bluegills.  Today the walleyes switched from leeches to night crawlers, lindy rigs in 15 feet of water seem to be the answer.  We had numerous other walleye bites, however did not hook up.   The 3 large mouth and 4 bluegills were caught on leaf worms around docks, trying for the spawning bluegills.  The boat traffic today made fishing docks nearly impossible.  I wish I would have spent more time drift fishing for walleyes. This trip was from 10am to 1 pm.  Not prime time for walleye fishing.

6-10-2000 Lake Geneva, sunny 85 degrees, water temp 67 degrees.   Caught 13 small mouth, 4-6 large mouth, lots of rock bass and blue gills.  The wind was horrendous.  Caught most of the small mouth at Coleman's point and Elgin club.  Fished 15-17 feet of water.  A couple of fish were caught at the Academy, one fish at Rainbow point.  Night crawlers with split shot rigs were used.

6-7-2000  Delavan Lake, air temp 75, cloudy, SW wind at 15 mph, water temp 69 degrees.    Spent most of the time casting a perch colored wally diver on the weed line break.  Caught a 3 pound large mouth and a 28 inch northern pike.  The bass and northern were caught west of Del Mar pier in 15 foot of water.  Caught  a legal walleye by Brown's Channel, lindy rigging in 12 feet of water.  Fished for about 2 1/2 hours, more of a social trip than serious fishing.

6-6-2000  Delavan Lake,  afternoon trip, air temp 75 degrees, no wind, water temp 69 degrees.  6 walleyes, 5 large mouth bass, 1 small mouth, 1 northern.  All the walleyes were caught on leeches with Lindy rigs in 15-18 ft of water.  The south shore seemed to be the most productive.  No legal fish were caught.  Had several additional bites but didn't get hookups.  The large and small mouth bass were caught on nightcrawlers and slip bobbers off docks on the north shore.  None of the fish were 18 inches (legal).  One northern was caught on a perch colored wally diver, casting the weed edge.  No bluegills during this trip.


Lake Geneva - temp 70 degrees and sunny, wind SE at 5 mph, water temp 62 degrees.  Caught 6 small large mouths, 1 northern, 6 rock bass and 1 legal large mouth weighing 1.94 pounds.  Fished a lizard and grubs.  Couldn't really get a pattern to form.  Fished Geneva Bay, Trinkies, and the legal fish came from Belvidere Park in 15 feet of water.  Tournament this day was one by people sight fishing large mouth bass. Big Bass of the tournament was a 5.4 pound fish.   Congratulations to the Winner. 


Lake Geneva - temp 64 degrees and sunny, wind NE at 10 mph,   water temp 60 degrees.  Prefishing for Bass Tournament.  Caught 1 nice largemouth in Buttons Bay - 10ft of water.  One 19" small mouth in 20 ft of water by Elgin Club.  Large mouth bass starting to spawn in 5-8 ft of water.   Caught several other short large mouth bass.  Quite a few small fish in Geneva Bay.  Best bait seemed to be green pumpkin lizard, carolina rigged or a split shot rig with a tube bait.


Lake Delavan - Sunny -  60-70 degrees, winds calm, water temp 61 degrees.  This was a guide party for bluegills.  Caught 30 big blue gills, 2 crappies and bonus 4 small mouth bass and 6 large mouth bass.  Fished in approximatly 4 ft of water for pre-spawn fish around Willow Point.  The fish were associated to hard sand bottom.  The fish should be spawning soon.  I also heard reports of pre-spawn fish being caught in 9 feet of water on East side of lake.  The best bait for the bluegills were leaf worms and helgramites.


Lake Geneva - Rain, air temp 45 degrees, wind North at 15 mph.   water temp 57 degrees.  Caught 4 legal smallies, 2 short smallmouth, 15-20 rock bass.  Weather was miserable!!!  Only fished for 2 1/2 hours.  Fished the narrows west to Elgin Club.  Tried fishing 14-16 ft of water, with very little success,  fish again were in approximately 10 ft of water.  Only fished nightcrawlers with split shot and single hook.  The dock talk for the day was that they were biting on fathead minnows better.


Lake Geneva - Air temp 70 degrees, sunny SW wind 10 mph turning calm.  Water temp 59 degrees.  Caught 12-15 small mouth bass - 4 over 18 inches.   Kept 25 rock bass.  3 largemouth bass were caught in Williams Bay.    Most fish were taken at Elgin Club in 10-15 ft of water, using night crawlers, split shot and #12 Kahle hook.  This was an afternoon guide party, we quit fishing at 8:30 pm.


Lake Geneva -  VERY WINDY sunny 65 degrees, west wind 20-35 mph, lake was nearly unfishable only managed to catch a couple of rock bass by Fontana Beach, missed several other fish.  Fished Belvidere Park with no success.  I believe the fish were deeper than I was fishing.  After I came off the water, I found out that they were located at 20-25 ft of water.  Only fished 1 hour and then loaded up.


Lake Geneva - sunny SW wind 10-15 mph, water temp 56 degrees.   Caught 4 legal small mouth, 3 undersize smallies and broke three off.  Kept 20 Rock Bass - Fished the Elgin Club, Lynn Pier and the Acadamy with equal success.  The key was fishing 12-15 ft of water.  Fished with split shot and single hook, #12 kahle.  Large flathead minnows worked the best.  A few rock bass were caught on nightcrawlers hooked once through the head.


Lake Geneva - BIG BUCKS BASS TOURNAMENT - sunny 70 degrees, water temp 55 with very little wind.  Placed 28th with 6.91# kept 2 large mouth and 1 small mouth.  Largest fish was 2.95# - caught 3 other short fish.  Fishing was much slower than Friday,  caught 1 small mouth bass on watermelon centipede in 10 ft of water in Geneva Bay,  caught the two keeper large mouth in Buttons Bay on green pumpkin lizards.  Caught 3 short fish Carolina riggin' lizards in 15-20 ft of water.   The winner of the tournament had a limit of 18# all smallmouths.   Congratulations to those anglers that placed in the money! 


Lake Geneva - Morning - NE wind 10-15 mph, cloudy,  water temp 48-52 degrees.  Prefishing for BIG BUCKS BASS tournament on Saturday.   Fished 8-10 ft of water, caught 1 largemouth in Williams Bay, 1 largemouth by Trinkies, 1 large mouth in Geneva Bay and 2 in Buttons Bay.  Fished split shot rigs with tube baits.  Root Beer and Watermelon were best colors.  Cauth two 3 pounders.  Caught all five in less than 2 hours.  Did not catch any fish by the Knollwood pier or by the Academy.


Lake Delavan-Afternoon-Sunny,65 degrees, wind calm building to 5 mph SW, Water 62 degrees.  A beautiful night to for fishing , however fishing was very tough.  1 largemouth , and 1 smallmouth bass was caught. Leeches and nitecrawlers were used.  Fished shallow and deep the walleyes were not biting .   Suspending jerkbaits didn't' work either.  Crappies were still in pre-spawn and easy to catch.  Bobbers and minnows the key.


Lake Devalue - Early AM - Bright sunshine, 60 degrees wind NW 15-20 mph.   Water temp 61 degrees.  A good day to fly a kite!  Caught one small mouth bass, one large mouth, one northern, 12 crappies.  Crappies were caught in 10 ft of water off N Shore using fatheads with bobber and hook.  Bass were caught on leeches and Lindy Rigs.  Next week if it stays warm, the bass should start to spawn.  It looked like they were starting to build nests.  Fishing would have been better without the winds,  made boat control nearly impossible.


Lake Delavan - afternoon - hazy and overcast, light mist.  70 degrees, water temp 60 degrees.  Wind out of the north at 10-15 mph.  Caught 8 small mouth bass, 5 large mouth, 3 crappies.  Best spot by Delavan Lake Marina.  Best bait, fathead minnow.   Fished with split shot and single hook.  Also tried Lindy rigging in 18 ft of water, got a few bites, but did not produce any walleyes.   No fish were caught by Browns channel,  1 good large mouth off of Willow Point.  Fished with Wally and Ron of Delavan, WI


OPENING DAY!  Lake Geneva - Sunny, wind SW at 15 mph water temp 57.   First guide party on Lake Geneva of the year.  Fished 9-18 ft of water with little success.  Caught 5 nice large mouth, one was 3 1/2 pounds in the Abbey Harbor.   Talking to several other guides - the smallies and largemouth were in 23 ft of water.


Lake Delavan - Heavy Rain, 50 degrees, wind NE at 10 mph - water temp 52 degrees.  Fished crappies for about 1 1/2 hours in am in front of Lake Lawn Lodge.   No fish, only a few bites.  It was miserable!


Lauderdale Lake - Sunny, no wind - temp 65 degrees, water temp 49 degrees.   Water was ultra clear. AM fishing  Caught four crappies, 5 largemouth bass, 4 perch, 2 bluegills.  Crappies were caught on minnows with bobbers 4 ft deep in 7-10 ft of water, over weeds.  Due to clarity of the water, fish were very spooky.

Afternoon - Lake Delavan - Sunny, 5 mph NE wind.  65 degrees, water temp 52.  Caught 9 crappies in 8 ft of water in front of Lake Lawn Lodge.  Bobbers & minnows were the chosen tactic. 


Lake Delavan - Cloudy & Misty,  temp 45 degrees,  wind NE at 15-20 mph, water temp 50-52 degrees.  First Guide Party of the Year!!  It was COLD.  Best success by break wall near landing,  3-4 feet of water on red worms, plain hooks.  The bite was slow, however the fish were good quality blue gills, almost all keepers.  Also fished the outlet, near dam.  Caught many fish, only one keeper.  Fished near outlet bridge, a few small blue gills and also fished Lake Lawn Harbor, only a couple fish.  Guide Party kept 17 really nice blue gills.


Lake Delavan - Sunny, 70 degrees dropped 15 degrees while on the water, wind NE at 15 mph, water temp 52 degrees.  Fished break wall by boat launch, no fish.   Fished Lake Lawn Harbor - only a few small ones,  caught most by bridge near outlet.  Caught approx 35 blue gills, no keepers.  Bait: red worms seemed to work best on plain hooks.  Fished 2 1/2 feet of water.


Lake Delavan - Sunny, 60 degrees, water temp 53 degrees, wind west 5 mph.   Fished blue gills in Lake Lawn Harbor, only small fish were caught,  fish preferred red worms today instead of wax worms.  Fished rat finkes green and chartreuse.  Most of larger blue gills caught by the boat launch break wall in 4 ft. of water, approx. 3 ft down.  Bite was slower, but fish were quality - kept 12 nice ones.


Lake Delavan - Cloudy, West wind about 5 mph,  temp 55 degrees, water temp 53 degrees.  Fished blue gills by the outlet, only a few small fish, moved to Lake Lawn Harbor, caught many small ones, kept 12 nice blue gills.  Caught fish on wax worms and green or chartreuse rat finkes

3-25-2000 thru 3-30-2000

Fished Table Rock Lake, MO - Caught a few spotted bass and small mouth bass.   Weather a great hinderance, water very low.  Caught approx 40 fish total in 3 days!


Lake Delavan - Cloudy, no wind, temp 45 degrees, water temp 44 degrees.   Fished the outlet, caught two person limit in 1 1/2 hours in the evening.  Rat Finkes & wax worms.  Bait approx 1 ft. below bobber in 3 foot of water.  25 fisherman from shore and 7-8 boats in same area, all catching fish!


Lake Delavan - Cloudy, winds SE 10-15 mph, Water temp 40-41 Lake Lawn Harbor - no fish,  moved to outlet many fisherman caught about 70 bluegills and a few crappies,  kept approx 30 bluegills,  fished rat finkes & wax worms.   Bait approx 1 foot below bobbers in 3 ft of water.


Lake Geneva - Trinkie Estates - Sunny 45, wind West 15 mph, Water temp 41 (harbors),  Caught 15-25 bluegills, all very small,  no crappies.  Fished rat finkes and wax worms, fished approx. 1 1/2 hours.


Lake Geneva -Sunny 65 degrees,no wind , Water temp 38 main lake, 42-44 harbors,   Caught many small bluegills in Trinkes on waxworms and minnows. We kept only about 10 bluegills. crappie fishing was slow. Abbey Harbor only one crappie.  There were all dead weeds in the harbor.  Delavan has been hot.    


Lauderdale Lake by Landing- Cloudy lgt snow,E 10-15mph-Many,many small bluegills and perch, however only about a dozen keepers. Green rat finkes were the best or green marmuskas. Best depth was on the break in 10-11ft.  Keeping Moving is the Key                        


Lake Petite-Cloudy,39 degrees,SE 15mph-15-20 Northerns all caught on golden shiners in 4ft of water.  Four legal fish were caught, largest was 32". Beaver Dam Tip-Ups were used.  Some perch were caught when I was out there, however I didn't fish for them.


Pleasant Lake- Sunny, 35 degrees,light winds - Many small perch no keeper fish were caught fished 15ft-30ft with waxworms and rat finkes.

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