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5/21/17 Delavan Lake, partly cloudy, 58 degrees, SW winds at 20 mph, water temp 58 degrees.  Caught a couple of crappies, 4 largemouth bass and 20 bluegills.  Due to the wind direction, most of the lake was un-fishable.  The crappies were in 10-12 ft of water.  The bluegills were in 3-4 ft of water on the west end by Viewcrest.  Red worms were the best bait.

5/18/17 Delavan Lake, cloudy, 65 degrees, dropping to 50 degrees during p.m. trip.  NE winds at 15-20 mph, water temp 67 degrees.  Caught 4 smallmouth bass- 1 legal, 10 largemouth bass- 1 legal, and 2 short walleyes and a handful of panfish.  The best location was 4-5 ft of water by Lake Lawn Lodge and by the Yacht Club.  Most of the fish came off of split shot rigged nightcrawlers with the occasional fat head minnow being the bait of choice.

5/17/17 First Lutheran School Fishing Day.  Fished Babe Mann pond.  All kids appeared to have a good time and caught plenty of small bluegill and a few perch.  A great day overall.

5/15/17 Delavan Lake, sunny, 72 degrees, SW winds at 10 mph, water temp 60 degrees.  Caught 8 largemouth, 2 smallmouth and 1 walleye.  Fished by Lake Lawn Lodge in 3-5 ft of water.  The best approach was split shot rigged nightcrawlers.  Also fished by the channel on north shore and caught a few largemouth bass.  Wacky rigged  root beer colored Senkos were the best.

5/14/17 Delavan Lake, sunny, 65 degrees, SW wind at 10 mph, water temp 58 degrees.  Caught  4 walleyes, 15 crappies and 3 largemouth bass.  The walleyes were caught trolling purple crankbaits in 12 ft of water.  The crappies were caught on yellow plastics on a 1/32 oz jig head.  Fished by Assembly Park  and Browns Channel.

5/12/17 Delavan Lake, sunny, 60 degrees, SW winds at 5 mph, water temp 57 degrees.  Caught 8 largemouth, 1 smallmouth 2 or 3 crappies and 10 bluegills.  The largemouth bass were caught on a split shot rigged nightcrawler.  The bluegills were caught on Thill bobbers with ice jigs and wax worms in 3-4 ft of water.    The smallmouth and crappies were caught on a 1/32 oz jig with chartreuse plastics.

5/11/17 Lake Geneva, sunny, 65 degrees, SW winds at 5 mph, water temp 51 degrees.  Caught  3 smallmouth, 6 largemouth and a dozen bluegills.   The largemouth bass were caught in the Abbey Harbor on split shot rigged nightcrawlers.  The smallies were caught near their spawning flats in 12-15 ft of water on white hair jigs.

5/10/17 Delavan Lake, cloudy, 60 degrees with light rain, winds SW at 5 mph, water temp 53 degrees.  Caught 1 smallmouth bass, 10 bluegills and 6 crappies.  Fishing was not that good with the rainy, cool temps.  The crappies were caught on yellow plastics fished on a 1/32 oz jig.  The bluegills were caught on wax worms fished on ice jigs.  The best depth of water was 3-4 feet.  Most of the fish were caught by Browns Channel and Lake Lawn Lodge.

5/6/17 -  Opening Day of Game Fish Season in Wisconsin!  Delavan Lake, sunny, 50 degrees, winds N at 20 mph, water temp 52 degrees.  Caught 1 northern, 3 largemouth bass  and a few crappies.  The crappies were caught on small fat head minnows in 8 ft of water, approximately 5 ft down.  The northern pike was caught on a medium sucker on a slip bobber in 6 ft of water and the bass were caught on split shot rigged nightcrawlers in 4-5 ft of water.

5/7/17 Lake Geneva, sunny, 50 degrees, N winds at 10-12 mph, water temp 50 degrees.  Caught 6 smallmouth bass in 13 ft of water using white and pink hair jigs.  The best location was by Elgin club.